If you woke up feeling like America has failed our children by making Donald Trump president-elect, then this post is for you.

Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious! I don’t watch much late night television! But I keep up with his show via segments online. He has a way of making people do uncomfortable stuff, in a very comfortable way. Check out how he gets people to narrate porn for blind people! LOL! Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti […]

On Socially Decoded, we decided to go back in time to when Twitter was a different place.

Kourt only joined Snapchat about a week ago, but she's already mastered the art of entertaining us in 10 seconds or less.

I don’t care what anyone says about DMX, he’s somebody I always pay attention to. He’s always raw and uncut & I can appreciate it. Check out this video. I was CRYING!!! DMX has no idea there is a camera rolling. His reaction once he finds out is priceless. Enjoy!!! Follow Us On Instagram + […]

SNL is not playing around with these spoofs lately! This time they are poking fun at the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Culture. If you’ve ever been to an #EDM party or are apart of the “Rave” life this will be extremely hilarious to you. The question is… When will the bass drop? #TurnUp – @DJFanci […]


Did you know God created kids to love toys? Don’t blame me, blame this little guy’s mouth, which as you can see, has enough preschool knowledge to last for days and day… so long as the cartoon he’s watching doesn’t disrupt your conversation! Instant classic and our pick for next up-and-coming comedian: Related Stories Would […]

For all you professional swimmers out there, I think I might try out for the Summer Olympics 2012!!! Check out my freestyle. [ooyala code=”tzOTM1NTr6n7346d2mArTorH2FiEJDUf”]

In Oklahoma City, resident Sweet Brown was interviewed about a local fire…and set off an internet sensation-including a gospel remix… Like us on Facebook below! OTHER FUNNY PARODIES: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Meet Miss Sweet Brown [AUDIO] Miss Sweet Brown Autotune Remix [VIDEO] DJ Rob G Mixes Mary J. Blige’s Chicken Wrap Commercial [AUDIO] Barack Obama Sings […]


Comedian brothers Emmanuel and Phillip are back with a new video for your viewing pleasure! lol Check out Questions pt. 2! HILARRIOUSS!! Other Funny Videos: JAMIE FOXX SHOWS OFF HIS MICHAEL JACKSON DANCE MOVES IN HIS UNDIES [VIDEO] SH$T RIHANNA SAYS!!! [SPOOF VIDEO] DRAKE RESPONDS TO DMX DISS [VIDEO] BEYONCE AND JAY Z’S CELEBRITY FRIENDS […]

In this video, daddy-to-be Charles McDaniel kept his wife in good spirits while she was in labor by rapping to the beeping of her fetal monitor. A few minutes into it you will find yourself bobbing your head as he jokingly freestyles encouraging his wife to “Breathe In, Breathe Out, Hooo Heee, Hoo Hoo Hoo […]