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Jimbo is the one man party of the MADD HATTA MORNING SHOW. He’s done everything under the sun. Jimbo has produced over 100 song parodies in his twelve years on the air. Aside from radio, Jimbo has written ten screenplays and over 50 songs. Jimbo most enjoys the creative aspect of radio- Theater of the Mind – the ability to be a part of people’s lives in an intimate but anonymous way. Jimbo is a Journalism graduate from the University of Houston. He is married with four kids and lives in Humble.

A new Spider-Man trailer you say? Well, here’s a little bit of an Avengers: End Game spoiler for you. Spider-Man, nor Nick Fury is dead! Tom Holland is back as Spidey and apparently Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) knows he’s Spider-Man but Happy, y’know Tony Stark’s right hand man is here … but there’s no Tony! […]

We’ve seen the teasers – now the official TRAILER! The whole crew is back including FROZONE (Samuel L. Jackson). Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

Last night while watching American Idol,  a new trailer premiered for “SOLO : A Star Wars Story.” While the movie focuses on a young Han Solo (played by Alden Ehrenreich), it featured a lot more of Lando Calirissian (played by Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino). CHECK IT OUT…  

YEAH! The sequel to one the best R-rated superhero movies is back…here’s the trailer that just dropped… in theatres May 18th!

If you watched Charles Barkley on SNL this past Saturday – you saw him take part in some good skits – the Sports Talk with Alex Rodriguez and a very funny  Keenan Thompson being one.  However,  one  skit you didn’t see was one that was cut for time… it was a Star Wars take off […]

What was the real story behind Kevin Hart’s post-game on-the-field celebration after the Eagles won the Super Bowl? Well, he broke it all down for Conan O’Brien…

Jordan Peele made history by becoming the first African American to earn Best Original Screenplay Oscar for his movie “Get Out.”  In case you missed the speech – here it is!

This just in – I thought you might want get a look – big fan of the first movie…

A LOT HAS CHANGED FOR THIS YEAR’S RODEO – HERE’S A GUIDE FROM THE HLSR… NRG STADIUM PRESENTATION CONCERT STAGE Garth Brooks will be the first entertainer to perform on RODEOHOUSTON’S new rotating concert stage, debuting in 2018. The star-shaped stage is complete with: • a 48-foot diameter rotating performance area, expanding the footprint of […]

Funny stuff! Don’t know if ya’ll came across this in your social media timeline – but I did and I thought I’d share – ENJOY!

Hey Guys! If you listened to the show today – we talked about and played Fergie’s unfortunate version of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star Game.  This lead us to play the classic Carl Lewis (H-town’s own Olympic Track Star) National Anthem from the 90’s (played on our show a lot over the years). […]

Former President Barack Obama is the clear winner!  In honor of President’s Day yesterday, the leader in licensed lyrics,  LyricFind, figured out every song that name drops a U.S. president.  The mention could be positive or negative.  Well, President Obama destroyed all the other as he topped the list with 310 mentions.   George W. […]