It came highly requested, asked for by the world over and now it’s finally here. Madd Hatta and Jimbo aka Noir Et Blanco present … “Valentine Love!” Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with a little serenade from the greatest playas from the Himalayas – Noir Et Blanco. Tune in to the Madd Hatta Morning Show every M-F from 5 to […]

With it being Beyonce week in the H, the Madd Hatta Morning Show crew figured it was best to not only celebrate the Queen but put their own remix on “713” from Everything Is Love! Peep Young Jas, Jimbo, J Mac and Madd Hatta all in the studio laying down their remix. RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Beyoncé […]

Man Hold Up! Another one…another school year is here! Today is the first day  and the perfect time to enjoy this anthem… “First Day!” Enjoy! And, have a great school year!

Hey folks! School’s back in and it’s the perfect time to revisit last years’ Drake-inspired classic “Back To School.” Enjoy – and have a great school year!

This is one of my favorite moments in radio…make sure you stay til the end for Jmac’s brilliant final line.

Man Hold Up! A lot of us suffered the tragedy of having your car flooded during this week’a floods, well, to ease your pain – here’s a little Ro James aka Tow James with “Transmission.” Best of luck out there – and hopefully you had insurance…  

Hey folks –  it’s Friday and for a lot of folks (who get paid every 15th) it’s a payday!  So I’ve teamed up G-Mayniac (just like we did for last year’s hit – “Netflix and Chill”) and we have the ultimate Friday and Payday hit – “Friday Payday” – LISTEN…. AND CELEBRATE THIS GREAT DAY! HAPPY […]


Man Hold up! The big game is this weekend and legendary 97.9 the Box sports reporter Phil Goal talked with Cam, Peyton, Kubiak and more about the matchup!

It’s the biggest snacking weekend of the year – celebrate with “Big Wings” a parody of  Drake and Future’s “Big Rings” – “What A Time for Pizza Pie!”

If you missed it the Madd Hatta Morning Show- hear it here – “Houston Rappers” talk Houston Texans! In this first edition, we talk about yesterday’s loss to the Bills…  

Blue Bell could be back in stores after a CDC investigation…I wrote a one about it here goes…