Okay, we know Snapchat has maybe ONE thing on Instagram and that is that their filters are still A1. This past weekend, Snapchat rolled out its gender swap filter, giving you the option to look like a man if you were a woman or look like a woman if you were a man. There have […]

Hey Guys! If you listened to the show today – we talked about and played Fergie’s unfortunate version of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star Game.  This lead us to play the classic Carl Lewis (H-town’s own Olympic Track Star) National Anthem from the 90’s (played on our show a lot over the years). […]

Man Hold Up! I saw the commercial  last night during the Steelers- Washington Football Team game and did a double-take.  Yes it’s true – Cheetos chicken fries are coming to Burger King.  And, it looks like BK will have them available tomorrow.  Get your napkins ready – The chicken sticks have Cheetos coating – yes that finger-sticking orange stuff.  […]

Man Hold Up! —  Colonel Sanders’ nephew might have revealed the secret “eleven herbs and spices” recipe behind KFC’s world-famous chicken.  The “Chicago Tribune” says Joe Ledington showed a reporter a hand-written recipe with the ingredients and measurements used in the company’s blend.  The recipe was in a scrapbook that belonged to Ledington’s aunt, who was […]

Man Hold Up!   A new cologne is now available to coincide with the U.S. Tennis Open next Monday in New York.  And, it’s called (drum roll) Fuzzy Ball!  Demeter, who make the new scent,  claims it with be as exhilarating as the “whoosh,” when you open a new can of tennis balls. The company claims that “Fuzzy Ball” will make […]

This is one of my favorite moments in radio…make sure you stay til the end for Jmac’s brilliant final line.

On August 2, 2007, the world was blessed with the animated or shall I say “Badimated” version of Mista Madd a.k.a. The Madd Hatta classic “After The Club.”  Proclaimed “A Masterpiece” by animator/production artist/editor Jimbo a.k.a. Jimbeazy – the visual delight just gets stronger with time.  Right now, pop some popcorn, get a nice drink and […]

A skydiver has achieved the unthinkable, he jumped out of a plane at 25,000 feet without a parachute and lived to tell about it. Luke Aikins relied solely on a giant net to stop him from what would’ve been instant death. Falling at 150 mph, he drifted off course at the start of his fall […]

WHAT THE ??!!  —  A New Jersey man is behind bars despite pooping his pants.  Police in Plainfield say they were called last Sunday night about a disorderly man and found Kyle Chambliss talking loudly on his phone.  They asked him to step out of his car but he then told cops he had to […]

Man Hold Up!  —  J.J. Watt is going to have his own Reebok shoe.  The Texans’ star showed off the shoe during an event in New York yesterday.  The shoe is white, with red trim, and has Watt’s logo on the tongue.  It will be officially released July 15th and cost 99-bucks.  Watt says it’s […]

MAN HOLD UP ! New Zealand has a cat who has a fancy for tight-whiteys.  The cat’s name is Brigit and she has managed to steal and stash socks and underwear from a local  neighborhood.  The strange thing is… Brigit only steals men’s underwear.   Brigit, a six-year-old Tonkinese, went viral when her owner, Sarah Nathan, posted a […]

Man Hold Up! We talked about this craziness this morning on the Madd Hatta Morning Show – was he right or wrong for putting her on blast?!