At the Saint Marc restaurant in Huntington Beach California, a customer Brenda Carrillo and a friend asked for a drink and their waiter asked them, “Can I see your proof of residency? That question took customer 23- year old Brenda Carrillo by surprise and her friend repeated his question in disbelief and waiter said, “Yeah, […]

A newspaper in Minnesota decided to cut ties with a longtime columnist after he used his column to fat shame man he sat next to while on a flight. Alan Linda spent 30 years as an unpaid columnist for the Fargus Falls Daily Journal who had a Friday piece to talk about whatever run through his mind. During […]


A young, Black conservative leader was fired after his op-ed slamming Trump surfaced.

If there's anything Ivanka Trump should've learned from her time on The Apprentice, it's how to deal with being fired.

McIntosh County Sheriff's Deputy Brant Gaither and another local officer were caught swapping racist and misogynistic jokes on Facebook.

A Marietta, Georgia man was fired from Walmart on Wednesday for his extremely insensitive remarks about the horrific Orlando massacre.

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Getting fired can be very discouraging and leave you feeling stressed and depressed. Here’s what you can do to turn that pink slip into a job offer.

After news broke over the weekend that Tamar Braxton would not be returning to The Real, rumors began to surface that it was one of her cast members, specifically Loni Love, who got fired her from the show. But according to reports, show runner and executive producer Rachel Miskowiec is to blame. A source revealed that Miskowiec, […]

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The number of suspects as to who shoved the knife in Tamar Braxton’s back is down to just one — and it’s not who you think. After the singer and co-host of The Real confirmed on Sunday that she won’t be returning to the talk show (the official joint statement between Braxton and FOX says […]

Tamar, known for her tell-it-like-it-is personality, reportedly wasn't meeting the standards of the show's executive team

Someone losing a job is never funny. But this reaction tho… I’m sorry. It’s pretty funny. LOL! Hope it all works out for him. Some company would love to have his passion. Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox / Kiotti Like Us On Facebook!!! 979TheBox / ItsTeamHardbody  

The Arlington Police officer, who shot and killed 19-year-old college student Christian Taylor at a car dealership, has been fired from the department. According to NBC…