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Ladies Of 'The Real' On 'Extra'

After news broke over the weekend that Tamar Braxton would not be returning to The Real, rumors began to surface that it was one of her cast members, specifically Loni Love, who got fired her from the show.

But according to reports, show runner and executive producer Rachel Miskowiec is to blame. A source revealed that Miskowiec, who took charge of the program in the second season, got rid of Tamar to send the message to the other co-hosts that “they’re dispensable.”

The source divulged, “Rachel Miskowiec, she is the executive producer of “The Real” and she is the person who is behind Tamar getting fired. She is who Tamar was talking about. Rachel felt deeply threatened by all the hosts immediately after she started, she deliberately kept them in the dark on all key decisions on the show.”

But Tamar may not be the only host getting the boot. Reportedly one-third of the staff has allegedly been let go due to Rachel “feeling threatened by them” or because they’ve “gotten too close” to the hosts.

The source added:

“I’ve never seen anything like it. The entire staff at The Real is very much on edge. Any Friday you can be called in and let-go with really no knowledge of why. That’s basically what happened to Tamar.”

With rumors of racism and backstabbing happening on the set, there’s no telling who’ll get axed next.


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