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Brazen Boutique's Jance Chartae is giving the 4-1-1 on how to pivot from management to e-commerce.

“We're really excited, not only to be providing opportunities for our small business owners, but to also be providing job opportunities,” said Aisha Taylor.

Ebony Steele ended up working in radio alongside Rickey Smiley after working in Pharmaceutical Sales with her Mechanical Engineering from Tuskegee University. After about five years of slaving away in a 9-5, Ebony took a leap of faith and stepped out to do radio at the urging of Rickey himself. A chance meeting in a […]

Asking for a raise is not always an easy task for most women on the job. More times than not, many women in the workplace would prefer to not rock the boat by seeking more than what is already being provided to them in terms of salary. Maybe it is the fear of rejection, or […]

Shavone Riggins discovered the inspiration for her business while balancing her work and personal life. The mother of six (who doesn’t look a day over 30), would be boiling curls while tending to her children when she wondered why there wasn’t a product on the market that alleviated the tedious process. Shavone’s vision and passion […]

Nailing these interview questions will make you irresistible and have employers lined up to hire you.

Doing a friend a solid could come back to bite you professionally.

Negotiating your salary can greatly influence how much money you make in the long run.

1. “We need to hang out again, it’s been too long!”   2. “I’m on my way”   3. “I thought I was following you already.”   4. “You’re the only person I’m talking to.”   5. Texting “LMAO” or “I’M SCREAMING” Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone 6. “I’m not […]

It's okay to be selective about your new job opportunity.

Boogie has debuted his official video for the song “Sunroof” ft. Dana Williams. “Sunroof” is one of the most dope, breezy tracks on Boogie‘s “Thirst 48 Part II.” This song will make you kick back and drop the top real quick. Watch the full video below for all the vibes: