A S.C. school board investigates a teacher accused of throwing a 6-year-old girl's shoes in the trash and making her walk barefoot. The girl's parents want her disciplined.

One mom from Alabama corrected her daughters for cutting up at a movie theater, publicly apologized for the inconvenience, and won the respect of parents…

If you have ever been to a park, grocery store, the mall or Chuck E. Cheese you have seen it. We have all seen it. A kid behaving badly and the overwhelmed parent who is letting the little heathen run free with little or no reprecussion. Meanwhile the kid is putting himself or others in […]

Last week on the Madd Hatta Morning Show we were talking about a couple of parents who utilized some very unusual tactics to punish their kids. One dad gave his son a “grown man” haircut since he wants to act grown. Another dad made a special tee-shirt for his 10-year old daughter who is 5’9″ […]

@jjonthemic here and I must first and foremost say that I do NOT condone violence. I believe everyone should keep their hands to themselves. I however, was extremely upset learning of a discrepancy between my daughter and her teacher. I got an account of what happened from my baby’s side and had another conversation with […]

Check out this North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris, as he tells his congregation how to discipline their “gay” children. Do you agree with this type of behavior or discipline? It sounds like his congregation is with him. Leave your comments.       Follow us on Twitter! @979TheBox @Kiotti Instagram: Kiotti


via: cnn.com (CNN) — Ian Swanson was 5 when his family moved from the United States to Umeå, a small university town in northern Sweden. It was the place where he made his first friends, where he learned to read and where, like any kid, he was “into absolutely everything.” He occasionally got a spanking […]