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Last week on the Madd Hatta Morning Show we were talking about a couple of parents who utilized some very unusual tactics to punish their kids. One dad gave his son a “grown man” haircut since he wants to act grown.


Another dad made a special tee-shirt for his 10-year old daughter who is 5’9″ and telling older boys she is 18-years old.


Then my personal trainer Alfred Zeno tagged me on this video of a dad serving up a very unusual punishment for his son that stole some items. The young man is holding is school books up over his head while his dad, an up and coming artist by the name of Elski Staxx, is giving him a verbal reprimand since “we can’t beat our kids these days”.

Elski Staxx explains what his son did to be punished on posted to Facebook:

I’ve got to say I applaud Elski Staxx for 1) caring about what type of young man he raises, 2) sending his son the message that theft will not be tolerated, and 3) teaching him the valuable lesson of respecting his mother and her property.

I have two kids of my own, and while I may not post the punishment online, I will be keeping these options in my back pocket should I need to bring down some swift parental justice.

You can hit him up on Twitter and use the hashtag #YouBetterStealSomeKnowledge. Or check out his music on Sound Cloud Elski84.