From what the Kardashians have shared about North West, we can deduce that the 2-year-old is a magnificent human being. She’s gorgeous like her mom,…

A dad in San Francisco, California has come up with a new brilliant way to reuse those crayons that your children get whenever you go out to eat. Anyone with a child in their life knows that when you go to out to eat, the children get an activity paper and a small pack of […]

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Hey there! It’s ya girl JJ!  I just had to get a few things off my chest the other day!  You may agree or disagree…either way, I would love to hear your feedback!

Usher recently penned an open letter to his sons.  Check it out below!   Dear Usher and Naviyd, When you were both born, I felt a weakness and a strength at the same time. When I heard you both breathe and cry for the first time, if I didn’t have anything to hold on to, […]

So I was scrolling on today and came across this story of a father beating up his son for smoking weed in his family home.  The father warned the son about smoking weed in his house but of course the kid thought he was grown  and stepped to his dad as a man.  So […]

Jimmy Kimmel did a hilarious bit – as he usually does, where he hit the streets of New York to ask the burning question that many are so afraid to ask…….WHO DO YOU LOVE THE MOST, MOM OR DAD? Its pretty funny to see the kids respond so honestly in front of both parents, it’s even […]

A father, Reginald Hardy, said he lost his temper when he walked into his apartment and found his 17-year-old daughter with a 19-year-old man. The man locked himself into the bathroom but Hardy managed to pull the guy from the bathroom, then punched him in the face,  grabbed him by the hair, dragged him into […]

First off I want to thank God for allowing me to see another year on this Earth. In the past year I celebrated 5 years of marriage and witnessed the birth of my daughter. After years of running the streets I’ve comfortably settled into to the life of a family man. Married with children. That’s […]

OMG who does this?!?!?! Justin Bieber’s dad is in the hot seat for throwing Justins pet Bulldog Karma off a second story Balcony! According to TMZ the dog who was living with Justins dad needed some training, especially after it bit Justin’s brother. Dog trainer Trevor Dvernichuk told TMZ that Bieber’s dad grabbed the dog and threw him […]