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Young Boxer in Ring.

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So I was scrolling on today and came across this story of a father beating up his son for smoking weed in his family home.  The father warned the son about smoking weed in his house but of course the kid thought he was grown  and stepped to his dad as a man.  So the dad decided to treat him like a man and hit him with a two peace and a biscuit.  Some people say that weed is a “Gate Way” drug.  In this case it opened the gate for a a$$ whooping by his father L.O.L..  The son should of watched some more Floyd Mayweather to pick up some of his defensive techniques because it wasn’t looking to good for the young man.   I know my dad always told me if I stepped up to him like a man he would knock me down like a man.   Thankfully I took heed to his words and never crossed that bridge.  Let us know what you think about this situation by voting on our poll below!