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I can’t front. I had really lost interest in the NBA Slam Dunk contest over the last couple of years. Mainly because none of the NBA’s bigger stars no longer participate in the contest. Gone are the days of Kobe, LeBron, Dwight Howard or Blake Griffin showcasing their athletic prowess instead its a bunch of […]

If you have ever been to a park, grocery store, the mall or Chuck E. Cheese you have seen it. We have all seen it. A kid behaving badly and the overwhelmed parent who is letting the little heathen run free with little or no reprecussion. Meanwhile the kid is putting himself or others in […]

Well the 2015 Grammy’s are a wrap. Overall my thoughts about the show are…meh…it wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible. A year from now the only thing I will probably remember is Prince’s side eye, Usher’s duet of Magic with Stevie Wonder, Sam Smith winning every damn thing, and Pharrell’s bell hop outfit. I’m a […]

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is getting the business for falsely reporting a war story from Iraq more than a decade ago. In 2013 he told late night host David Letterman that he was aboard a helicopter that was hit and forced down during the invasion of Iraq on March 24, 2003. Williams backtracked […]

Well the Super Bowl is over and now its time to ramp up the NFL’s second season. The off-season. Where hope, speculation, anticipation and rumors abound. Will we sign this super star free agent? Will we lose this beloved player? Who will we draft to help get us to the next level? You gotta love […]

Mercedes rolled out its F 015 Luxury in Motion vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It’s a “self-driving” or autonomous driving car that is the epitome of elegance of and technology. Equipped with with four rotating lounge chairs that allow a face-to-face seat configuration so you and your guest can enjoy […]

Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for Seahawks All-Pro CB Richard Sherman. I mean think about it in a matter of seconds you go from thinking you are Super Bowl champion to being crushed by Russell Wilson’s game losing interception. The worst part about it is that it all caught on camera for the […]

I love football. I love watching it. I love talking about it and I enjoy the comraderie of fans rooting for their favorite teams. Unfortunately, Super Bowl parties brings out 5 types of people who irritate the hell out of me during the biggest game of the year. They make the game unbearable to watch […]

We are just a few days away from Super Bowl XLIX between two great teams in the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. But is anybody talking about the X’s and O’s of this game. Nope. Not at all. It’s all about “Deflate-gate” and how Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch is “not” talking. This has […]

Houston Rockets Owner Leslie Alexander announced Monday that the team will be rocking some specially designed Lunar New Year uniforms to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Why? Because China makes up the Rockets largest international fan base. Mr. Alexander explained why it was important for the Rockets to recognize the Chinese New Year. The Lunar […]

I guess J-Mac was inspired by the Houston woman who married herself and decided not to wait any longer and eloped with himself this morning. The impromtu service was presided over by the Pimperelli J-Que. In anticipation of the services J-Que quickly filled out a form online to become an ordained minister. All reports say […]

Here we are 3 weeks into 2015 and my wife and I still haven’t done it. We want to do it. Even planned on doing it right after the New Year. But as any busy person knows some time life gets in the way. Kids have to go back to school after the holidays and […]