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If you have ever been to a park, grocery store, the mall or Chuck E. Cheese you have seen it. We have all seen it. A kid behaving badly and the overwhelmed parent who is letting the little heathen run free with little or no reprecussion. Meanwhile the kid is putting himself or others in harms way.


That’s where the Slap picks up. You’ve got an uncontrollable boy, his indifferent parents (Thomas Sadoski, Melissa George) and a relative (Zachary Quinto) who is heated to see the child swinging a bat at a birthday BBQ and smacks him in the face.

In my opinion you should never slap a kid in the face. Period. And I most certainly don’t want anyone doing something to my kids that I wouldn’t do myself. But often times unruly kids need to be diciplined and if their parents won’t do it someone needs to step in and correct them. I know I would want someone to say something to my kids if they were acting a fool, it may save their life.

Series premiere of The Slap is Thursday February 12 at 7pm on NBC.