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Well the Super Bowl is over and now its time to ramp up the NFL’s second season. The off-season. Where hope, speculation, anticipation and rumors abound. Will we sign this super star free agent? Will we lose this beloved player? Who will we draft to help get us to the next level?

You gotta love it.

So even though the haven’t finished cleaning up the confetti in Boston from the New England Patriots championship parade let’s start addresing the Houston Texans most glaring need.


Aside from a the 2009, 2010 and 2012 seasons of Matt Schaub the Texans have not been able to solidly solidify the QB position in the 13 years the team has been in existence. And if the opportunity presents itself to draft a supremely talented Heismann trophy winning QB with the 16th pick of the draft the Texans have to pull the trigger right? I’m mean look at this guys highlight package.

Well not so fast…because Jameis Winston comes with some baggage and a truckload of it.

Here is a partial list from Fox Sports.

Nov. 25, 2012: A woman calls 911 to report that there are two men on a bike path on the Florida State University campus with what appears to be a black, long-barreled pistol. Police respond and draw their guns as they approach Jameis Winston and his roommate and teammate, Chris Casher, and ultimately handcuff them. The two tell the officer they were shooting at squirrels with a pellet gun, and they are released without charges being filed.

Nov. 25, 2012: A few hours after the incident on the bike path, Winston, Casher and two other Florida State players, Mario Edwards and Kenneth “P.J.” Williams, allegedly engage in a BB- and pellet-gun battle at their apartment house, inflicting an estimated $4,000 in damage. Management at the apartment house declines to press criminal charges after an FSU athletic official vows that the players will pay for the damage.

Dec. 7, 2012: Winston is accused of raping a woman at his off-campus apartment. The woman reports the assault to police that day and five weeks later calls a detective and identifies Winston as her attacker after seeing him in a class.

July 21, 2013: Winston is accused of entering a Burger King in Tallahassee and helping himself to soda from the fountain machine without paying for it. A restaurant employee later tells police she gave Winston a cup of water but that he poured the water out and helped himself to several cups of soda despite her objections. No charges are filed.

April 29, 2014: Winston is accused of stealing $32.72 worth of crab legs from a Tallahassee supermarket. He is given a civil citation that allows him to perform community service and is suspended from the FSU baseball team until he completes that work. Winston tells police he “forgot” to pay for the crab legs and publicly apologizes.

Not the type of background you want from someone who is supposed to be the face of your franchise. Its hard for me to believe the Texans would put their faith in person, let alone a quarterback, who has this many red flags. In the past it seemed like teams believed talent outweighed any character risk. But after seeing all the bad publicity from Ray Rice, Adrian Petersen, Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon this season I think teams will be much more cautious.