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  Guys, JJ here. I really cannot believe its been 13 YEARS since that life and world changing day. May peace be with the victims of that day’s attacks and may there be peace in the city! I’m glad to see New York City recover and move forward. Via usatoday.com: “The New York City skyline […]

Mommies, good day to you! I understand how taxing everything can be on us. We understand that parenting and our children are blessings but things no doubt get tough. Check out my helpful tips in the video below to begin to decompress and let go of the stress! You rock!

@jjonthemic here and I must first and foremost say that I do NOT condone violence. I believe everyone should keep their hands to themselves. I however, was extremely upset learning of a discrepancy between my daughter and her teacher. I got an account of what happened from my baby’s side and had another conversation with […]

Now, I don’t want to say this is an example of misappropriating funds but this seems to be a case of misappropriating funds. Three hundred dollars for a burger? Come on somebody! Those mayo packets from Chick-fil-A are good enough for me.. Via youtube.com: The bun is dusted with 24K gold and it once held […]