Every time the Box Baes are together, you can expect only the wildest, most hilarious conversations and that’s exactly what happened with Doja Cat backstage at Break The Internet 2019. The “Juicy” artist was asked a rather interesting question — what would she do if the Internet broke? Well, become a better person actually. But, the […]

Tia Gold took home the August prize for HOU Got Next and with that, a star-making turn at 97.9 The Box and Radio Now 92.1's Break The Internet concert.

Once again it’s on! 97.9 The Box and 92.1 Radio Now are teaming up to bring you one more Hot Girl Summer concert before the summer is over. Actually, THE Hot Girl Summer concert! Our Break The Internet show is back for 2019 with none other than the H-Town Hottie herself, MEGAN THEE STALLION headlining […]

More looks, more sights, more views. The Break The Internet concert was an EVENT. From Teyana Taylor turning up to Daniel Caesar keeping all the couples together, everyone in attendance at the sold-out show left with something to talk about. Here are more shots from the night, courtesy of Unique James/@compozition.

There are moments behind the scenes that fans aren’t privy to. Keisha Nicole teamed up with XFINITY to bring fans a unique look to everything behind the scenes with our sold out Break The Internet concert featuring Teyana Taylor and Daniel Caesar. RELATED: Teyana Taylor And Daniel Caesar Shut It Down At Break The Internet […]

Teyana Taylor took over at our sold-out Break The Internet concert. Kicking it with the Box Baes Young Jas and Keisha Nicole, Teyana revealed a few things such as the origins of Petty Petunia, how baby Junie changed her world and if she’s having another Junie anytime soon. RELATED: Teyana Taylor Takes Over At Break […]

Daniel Caesar is a man of many gifts. When he wants to sing about love, the good kind of love, he breaks out songs like “Blessed,” “Get You” and his current smash, “Best Part” with H.E.R.. When he wants to set a wedding ablaze or keep all the lovers coupled up like their lives depended […]

When it comes to Break The Internet, Teyana Taylor knows a thing or two. Snatching wigs, giving off vibes of mid ’90s Janet Jackson and making sure people are keeping that same energy, the Harlem, New York superwoman played up to all of her strengths. From sex appeal to ballads and even a little rowdy […]

Since it was announced, 97.9 The Box and Radio Now’s Break The Internet concert was going to end the summer right for fans and music lovers alike. Teyana Taylor made it certain with a string of rousing performances on her tour, including one night where she lost her wig piece and kept on going (because […]

Let me be honest with you! Regardless of how many publicist try to say there’s no beef, Beyonce vs Kim K IS REAL!!! Anytime one does one stunt, the other “one ups” them. In my head, there’s no way anyone could top the “greasy booty” pics. So what does Queen Bey do??? Make a homemade […]


Follow @rachelbogle Sooo, aside from the initial shock of seeing Kim Kardashian being butt-naked LITERALLY in a magazine, there was one other question in our mind aside from “What the F?!” And that was “How in the hell did she do that whole “pour champagne in a glass that’s propped up on your a$$” trick? […]