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Sooo, aside from the initial shock of seeing Kim Kardashian being butt-naked LITERALLY in a magazine, there was one other question in our mind aside from “What the F?!” And that was “How in the hell did she do that whole “pour champagne in a glass that’s propped up on your a$$” trick?

???????????????????????????????BUT HOWWWWWWW?????????????????????????????

So some [obviously awesome] normal humans decided to try.

How to catch champagne with your butt like Kim K in seven easy steps:

1. Buy the cheapest champagne you can find (because you won’t be drinking any).

2. Rip a hole in a black trash bag and stick your head through it.

3. Tape a champagne glass to your butt.

4. If you have long hair, put it up in a bun on the top of your head.

5. Make sure to smile at the camera like you’re having the time of your life.

6. Pop a bottle of bubbly.

7. Throw it over your head and, hopefully, onto your butt.

Follow these steps and you too can have an awesome photo shoot like Kim!

Just like these people ….who are obviously winning at life.

Julia’s thoughts: “Being Kim Kardashian momentarily gave me a sense of the alternate rules of physics that occur around her. I have to abide by regular physics, which is a shame because now my hair still smells like cheap champagne and I know for a fact I can’t wear a trash bag instead of clothing.”

Matt’s thoughts: “It made me feel really sexy but also like garbage because I was wearing a trash bag. Love you, Kim!”

Emmy’s thoughts: “I just felt so free. And cold. Living your life without being barefoot in a puddle of champagne at least once is a sad existence.”

Taylor’s thoughts: “I tried to make an arc with the champagne like in the photo, and instead sprayed myself in the face. #elegance”

Tanner’s thoughts: “This is the closest I’ve ever felt to being like Kim Kardashian, aside from that time my sex tape with Ray J leaked.”

Joanna’s thoughts: “There’s no greater feeling than spilling champagne on yourself and the ground.”

Tommy’s thoughts: “It’s not easy to make a trash bag dress look good while being doused in champagne, but damn it, I did it! I think Kim would be proud.”

Whitney’s thoughts: “No one ever tells you this as a kid but champagne really hurts when it gets into your eyes! I learned today that garbage bags are not chic, whereas Kim Kardashian’s butt totally is.”

Dave’s thoughts: “There is one Kim Kardashian. That is me. I am the new Kim Kardashian. Any and all that say they are Kim Kardashian are wrong. They are frauds. They are impostors. I am Kim.”

Concensus: Kim’s champagne trick is nearly impossible for the average person to pull off….but it would make a damn HILARIOUS Christmas card.