When Jay Z describes how hard he balls — he means it. The business mogul’s latest endeavor will have everyone wanting to step their money up for a bottle of that Ace of Spades. According to Bloomberg.com, Armand de Brignac announced on Monday that it would be releasing a new edition of the company’s iconic […]

  Word is that 60 Minutes reporter, Steve Kroft, has been cheating on his journalist wife, Jenny Conant.  The 69-year-old Kroft has acknowledged that for the last 3 years he been knocking down a married Manhattan lawyer named Lisan Goines. He’s since made a statement to the New York Post: “I had an extramarital affair […]

It’s almost that time beauties–New Year’s Eve! This is the day we leave all bad things in our past and all good things are to…


Follow @rachelbogle Sooo, aside from the initial shock of seeing Kim Kardashian being butt-naked LITERALLY in a magazine, there was one other question in our mind aside from “What the F?!” And that was “How in the hell did she do that whole “pour champagne in a glass that’s propped up on your a$$” trick? […]

It’s January 3rd and we’re STILL seeing videos and pictures from Friday night/Saturday morning. Here’s a round-up of performances: First up is Jay-Z and Beyonce performing in Vegas. Chris Martin from Coldplay, Kanye and John Mayer joined them on stage as well. Bey and Jay were reportedly paid $2 Million for TWO songs. Must be […]