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Well, this definitely isn't the best way to kick off MLK Weekend.

On Tuesday, the former NFL running back and the 1998 Heisman Trophy Winner Ricky Williams was arrested during a routine traffic violation stop. Williams is ok, he’s already out of jail, but Williams was pulled over for another traffic violation where he was arrested after the officer discovered that Williams had open warrants for his […]

Travis Scott‘s performance in Rogers, Arkansas over the weekend didn’t end well. According to TMZ, the Houston rapper was arrested after several people were injured at his show on Saturday, including concertgoers, a cop, and a security guard. Police say Travis encouraged fans to rush the stage. He was booked for inciting a riot, endangering […]

Thabo Sefolosha has finally reached a settlement with the New York City Police Department over an altercation in April 2015 that left him with a broken leg. On Wednesday, the Atlanta Hawks star settled the lawsuit for $4 million — which is a far cry from the $50 million originally sought in the case. As you […]

The singer is speaking out about the LAPD mistaking him for a West Hollywood suspect.

According to the latest reports, the rapper also slashed her own sister's neck back in 2009.


The comedian was reportedly arrested after allegedly getting into a violent altercation in New Orleans on Saturday.


The ladies were protesting outside of Trump Tower on Tuesday evening.

Chief Keef has been lying low and staying off the radar for the past few years, but that hasn't stopped him from getting caught up in some trouble.

  Apparently the newest challenge is the “Do Stupid Stuff On FB Live And Go To Jail” Challenge. Check out these dumb criminals. Baton Rouge Chicago Staten Island Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox / Kiotti Like Us On Facebook!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti  

Not even jail could hold Young Thug back living his best life. Video footage allegedly shows Thugger, or a man that looks like him, getting arrested and being led away by the authorities in Lenox Mall in Atlanta on Thursday. The man recording the footage could be heard saying, “Man they tryna lock Thug up man. […]

Soulja Boy is a free man already, and he's back to his old ways.