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My trainer “D” (@dfitpro on Instagram) is not a nice guy. But he gets me results. And once a day he sends me motivation to stick with my diet & workout. Thought I would share some with you. I know it was a struggle when I started a few weeks ago. Hope to see you […]


Mom’s are intricate, and influential beings in their children’s lives. Moms help to mold their children into productive, functioning people of society. They are loving, providing, beings who we depend on for survival throughout the entirety of our lives. They are teachers who lead by example. Their affection, support and encouragement help us along the […]

Wooh she is hot! Basketball Wives spit fire star, Evelyn Lozada joins forces with youthH20 in her newest venture.Evelyn is not  new to the scene of health and fitness. Her picturesque body is toned and fit to the T. Together, Evelyn and youthH20 show us how to get her hot beach bod. Ladies, summer time […]

Ladies, get rid of that pooch! Want to tighten up that mid-section and rid of that unsightly flap over your pants? Read Here  

via: defendernetwork.com 1. Myth: Only women can get breast cancer. Reality: Dads, husbands, and brothers can develop breast cancer, too, but it’s far less common in men than it is in women. Every year, about 2,000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, compared with about 200,000 women. Read More

via: youtube.com Actress Gabrielle Union On Importance Of Early Breast Cancer Detection

As the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C started July 22-27, 2012, 22,000 leaders, experts and other individuals gathered to end the AIDS pandemic. Their focus was to spread the awareness of HIV/AIDS and capture the sense of hope and optimism for people living with the virus. One of the advocates to add her powerful international […]

HELLOBEAUTIFUL.com – Sometimes the hygienic things we’re told to do down there are in reality not good for our vaginal health. Here’s five things that you should avoid doing to your private parts: 1. Use Soaps With Parabens We first want to point out that “cleaning” down there doesn’t need to be a huge process. […]


via: news92fm.com Patients who have been diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer may be eligible for a clinical study led by Baylor College of Medicine. The multi-institutional research will evaluate a new method of treatment that combines HER2-targeted therapies and excludes chemotherapy. The study is a follow-up to a recent clinical trial that showed HER2-positive breast […]

Rapper Reality show star, Somaya “Boss” Reece plans on documenting her entire breast reduction experience on her blog. At first, I slapped my palm to my forehead and sighed, but when I checked Somaya’s blog to see what she’s already shared with the world about her breast reduction, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of […]

Buffie the Body show’s an easy work out to help out that body! No exercise equipment needed.

I Love Oprah! There’s so many words that can describe who and what she represents.  I’ll share one, Regal. You can  see the elevation of her mission and vision through all that she does.  She never ceases to amazes me with her selfless acts of love and empowerment.