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Mom’s are intricate, and influential beings in their children’s lives. Moms help to mold their children into productive, functioning people of society. They are loving, providing, beings who we depend on for survival throughout the entirety of our lives.

They are teachers who lead by example. Their affection, support and encouragement help us along the way. They are one of the single most important people we know and who we can always turn to.

As children or spouses of moms, there probably is not much we can really do to ever repay her for her life-long commitment of service to us.We forget to hug and kiss her, we forget to say thank you, we forget to say Mama, I love you.

So, this Sunday, May 12, is more than Mother’s Day, it is the perfect opportunity to do something nice and thoughtful for the mother or mother(s) in your life. After all, she’s done it everyday for you, she certainly deserves one day at the least!

Based on a survey of mothers in our Radio One Houston office, I have compiled a list of things mommy’s really want for Mother’s Day. So, lets skip the flowers that die in three days and the Hallmark card you forgot to write your own message in. Try one of  our ideas.

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