This has been such an emotional week! As a mother, I hate to see kids now missing a parent and mother’s now having to move forward without a child.  It’s hard. It’s hurts.  On the show we spoke to a few moms who shared what they tell there young sons to protect them.  

THIS is an amazing woman! Speaker, Author, Teacher, Philanthropist are only a few words to describe Jotina Buck. Jotina is no stranger to loss, failure, and hardship. Having lost both of her parents before age 25, she uses her story of losses and triumphs to encourage, evoke, and empower people of all genders and nationalities […]

I saw this on Facebook and just had to share! Shout outs to all my fellow mommies!!!      


  Let the teardrops begin. 😢 My little girl has taken off for the summer to be with her dad. I’ve been crying for a few days. It’s the hardest thing I go through every year. It doesn’t seem to get any easier either. 😩 I think the more that we grow closer it becomes more difficult.  Plus, […]

One mom from Alabama corrected her daughters for cutting up at a movie theater, publicly apologized for the inconvenience, and won the respect of parents…

  Hey! Yesterday was Mother’s Day in England and a study was put together on how much a mom should get paid for their duties!  I think this is about right! What do you think? CLICK TO SEE THE BREAKDOWN!

Today’s single moms have to deal with many issues…busier schedules, new technologies, and ever-changing day-to-day challenges are just a few of the things that we, as single moms, have to address. Fortunately, many of the issues we face can be made easier with open communication. By intentionally building good communication practices, we can ensure that […]

After spending a week in New York City for AllStar , I come back home to find that my 8 year old daughter has Snapchat on her phone!  WAIT A MINUTE!! I asked her why she has snapchat and she tells me her friend’s big sister told her about it.  I advised her to delete […]

Ok so I will be the first to admit…I do feel a certain way about Valentine’s Day. It’s been about 6 years since I have been in a relationship so Valentine’s Day just doesn’t really exist in my world. Well, there was that one year that I received a card at work from a man […]

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We had such a great time this past Sunday hanging out with Single Moms and other fabulous women at Painting with a Twist!  Our painting was of Mother Nature.  I was so impressed with EVERYONE’S paintings.  For people who don’t paint on a regular basis…we did GREAT! LOL!  We drank a little wine and really […]