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Alani Simmons

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Let the teardrops begin. 😢 My little girl has taken off for the summer to be with her dad. I’ve been crying for a few days. It’s the hardest thing I go through every year. It doesn’t seem to get any easier either. 😩 I think the more that we grow closer it becomes more difficult.  Plus, seeing someone ever single day and then not seeing them is very challenging too. I know she will have a blast with her family back home though. That’s all that matters. She gets to see her grandparents, her aunts and cousins.  She also attends a camp that she likes a lot.  3 months will go by quickly.  I definitely use the time wisely.  I am able to relax and focus on “Me Time” as well as get a lot of work done for my businesses.  I will survive!  I look forward to her goofy videos that she sends to phone!  This kid has so much personality! Not sure where she gets it! :)