People don’t play about their cars. One El Paso mother took it to another level when she chased her son down who had gone off in her car and then proceeded to spank him. Who filmed all of this? The boy’s sister of course. Liza Campero captured all the video of her brother Aaron Martinez and […]

A judge sets $5,000 bail for a young mother accused of assaulting an elderly woman who shamed her parenting skills.

The "black-ish" star said that when he was in his 20's, she brought out her “very extensive video collection” and provided instructional commentary on how to do it right.


The reality tv star and ex-wife to Lil' Wayne, talks parenting, her business, and more.

I hate seeing Kandi Burruss cry… especially on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. It speaks volumes that you leave the door open for your daughter’s father to be in her life (despite his unwillingness to do so). God will continue to shower your world with blessings because of your ability to treat […]

Call him corny, but Nick Cannon has been a big source of inspiration to me. He’s a young black male doing his thing, making positive strides in the world and has a personality that appeals to the masses. I admire his hustle and look up to him for his ability to conquer the comedy world, […]

In an interview with The Associated Press, Jakes opened up about his new self-titled talk show, this year's 'vicious" presidential campaign and the country not being as divided as it seems.

Women from a young age are reared to protect their virginity for their husbands, or a "special someone," while male children are taught that the world is their oyster – insinuating it's fine to pursue as many sexual opportunities as possible.

Shanynthia Gardner, 29, has been charged with first degree murder for the deaths of her three daughters and one son, all who were under the age of 5.

This raises an ethical question about how to discipline your children. Moreover, this calls into question the different standards that Black parents are held to as both women were arrested and charged for punishing their kids in a way that isn't much different than how many adults were disciplined in their youth. How far is too far?

Reason #876 why inclusion and representation in advertising matters to our children.

The connection you have with your mom is a wonderful, beautiful thing, but let’s not forget about dad. In honor of Father’s Day, we want to celebrate the special things that just make a healthy relationship with your dad particularly great. There’s nothing quite like the bond between a father and his baby girl, and […]