Alicia Keys has been enjoying motherhood so much, the music took a backseat.

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Bola Onada Sokunbi is a personal finance junkie, money coach and business strategist! Her blog talks about all things money to put you on the path to successful decision making and wealth creation! In our recent podcast, we talk to moms about gettin’ their money right for 2016! Check out Bola’s great tips on […]

Hey Single Moms!  Ready for a fun day at the park?  Join me and my baby girl along with Antanique and her daughter Lay Lay for our first Mommy and Me Bootcamp at Hermann Park on August 30th!  Let’s teach our kids the importance of staying healthy and fit!


Me and my daughter Alani are finalists in the Houston Chronicle’s “Mommy/Daughter Look-a-Like Contest”! It’s down to the top 20 people out of 100! Would you please vote for us?! Tell your friends to cast theirs as well. You can only vote from a lap top or desk top! Names are listed at the […]

Valentine’s Day is almost here! It’s time to spread the love! Check out me and my daughter Alani making heart-shaped pizza! It’s easy! It’s healthy! It’s fun!  Check out our video below! For more blogs and info for Single Moms log onto!  

Congrats are in order for Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon. The beautiful couple delivered their happy and healthy baby boy, Titan Jewell Witherspoon on November 4th…

  I’m so glad that my baby is back home from summer break with her dad! We had just a few days to spend together before school started today.  Friday, I took off work to hang out with Alani at Memorial park and we went swimming too!  She had a sleep over with one of […]

To my fellow mommies I know how hard it really is to balance work, cooking, chores, school, kids, and all the rest of that good stuff.  I sympathize with that given that I have to deal with the same thing. I did however, really enjoy a run that I shared with my little one in […]

Hey guys, do you remember last week when I mentioned on-air that I had a surprise planned for my little jelly bean and then she got in trouble at school? She got a red mark for talking too much in class and I posed the question to my listeners whether or not I should still […]


Much love to Mosaic Family Magazine for allowing my daughter and I to be apart of their awesome publication!  We had a great time during the photo shoot. Check out the latest issue of Mosaic Family Magazine HERE!