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Hey guys, do you remember last week when I mentioned on-air that I had a surprise planned for my little jelly bean and then she got in trouble at school? She got a red mark for talking too much in class and I posed the question to my listeners whether or not I should still take her for her surprise.

Well, of course I decided to go ahead and take her, she’s mostly well behaved and had a little hiccup that day, which is understandable. So, I had to come back and let you guys know how well it went.

Above is my daughter Alani, with her fresh flat iron and dress pointing to the calendar’s day of #Surprise. I had to set my baby up right for our eventful occasion at the Hobby Center. I took her to see the classic “Wizard Of Oz”.

We had a great time! Alani said she loved it so much but that it was a little scary. Nonetheless, she was being her sociable self and made a friend on our row.

We both learned that they don’t allow open food/beverages in the theater so I winded up having a grown-up sippy cup. Interesting…

Thanks guys for your input and advice I appreciate it. I’m glad we went ahead and enjoyed the play that was a great memory we’ll have forever!

Lastly, shout out to the phenomenal parents out there who are doing their best to spend quality time with your kiddos and are contributing to making them well rounded little people. Your work is valuable and appreciated! High fives!

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