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Willie D

Source: Radio One Digital / Radio One Digital

Willie D of the Geto Boys has been considering a move to politics for quite some time and now, he’s made it official. Running for a seat on Houston City Council, Willie’s looking to represent the district he’s from. And with that comes a more than familiar term to Willie – controversy.

Sitting inside the Houston BMW Studios in his first interview since announcing his run, Willie expresses why he long had the decision in mind to run before his fellow Geto Boy Brad Jordan announced his candidacy for the soon to be vacant seat in District D and the problems he knows he’s going to face.

“I wouldn’t expect them not to,” Willie says of his music being used against him. “But if that’s all they got? They’re in trouble. Any song that I had and people say, ‘I went too far,’ people know I’m coming from a place of love. If they do that, they wind up overlooking all the other songs that were intended to inspire and be used for motivation. Overall, my music and Geto Boys music have been to motivate people to be better than they are.”

Yes, Willie believes a record such as “Bald Headed H*es” originally would have kicked off the natural hair movement but learned that actually, hair extensions and more were part of royalty. But that’s another convo for another day. Watch the full interview with Willie D below.

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