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If Jhonni Blaze could control her temper, I think she could be a global singing superstar! Her looks leave me wiping drool from the side of my mouth and she’s actually a REAL musician (whispering) unlike a lot of you other “artists.”  Blaze tends to get typecast as a woman who loooooves drama which I think can hide how talented she is. I’ve met Jhonni and can honestly say that she was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met IN MY LIFE; She shakes peoples hands, looks them in the eye and acknowledges everyone in the room. It may sound like that’s what a person’s SUPPOSED TO DO, but you’d be surprised how high and mighty some of these other celebrities act! SMH

Anyway….here’s JB’s new song Revolver feat. Rich Andruws (who’s a BEAST when it comes to writing songs):


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