Jhonni Blaze

Who’s your Ms. New Booty? Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone With Love & Hip Hop: Houston rumored to be right around the corner, we’ve got a battle of the booty. Jhonni Blaze vs. Just Brittany! Flip through the full gallery of two of Houston’s baddest then vote for your favorite booty. […]

Jhonni Blaze ain’t fooling nobody. Before I could even open my mouth on the red carpet at the GO DJ Awards, she stopped me dead in my tracks. Blaze told me “Ain’t No Love & Hip Hop, Bihh… but stay tuned.” LOL People have some misconception of what kind of chick she is. Every single […]

Jhonni Blaze tends to get a lot of negative attention in the entertainment world, but I’ve had the pleasure of having multiple convos with her and she is as sweet as can be. Jhonni will smile, shake hands and greet everybody in a room (from the president of a company to the janitor). I can […]

Jhonni Blaze should change her stage name to Johnni Beast! Okay, maybe not. Lol But that’s the best way to describe JB as an artist; the girl’s got skills! If Jhonni can focus all of her energy on God’s gift instead of the hate that people throw at her, I think that she could be […]

If Jhonni Blaze could control her temper, I think she could be a global singing superstar! Her looks leave me wiping drool from the side of my mouth and she’s actually a REAL musician (whispering) unlike a lot of you other “artists.”  Blaze tends to get typecast as a woman who loooooves drama which I think […]

(THEBOXHOUSTON.com) — Reality castmate and former stripper Jhonni Blaze, 24, talks about her big assets, admits to getting butt injections when she was young and she also shares how she got on Love and Hip Hop New York. RELATED: Pt 2: Jhonni Blaze On Battling Suicide, Prostitution & Stripping [EXCLUSIVE]  RELATED: Drakes Texts To Jhonni Blaze She touches on her […]

  Rich warned Blaze about her out of control temper and behavior.  Paris confronted him about not giving her his attention, and Rich agreed that…

On tonight’s Love and Hip-Hop, Rich revealed that he and Jhonni Blaze used to fool around, and when he broke things off she put his phone…

Music has always been my first love. I’ve been quietly working on the Zone 11 EP. One feature I missed, was my homey Baby Bash. On top of being a successful artist & record label owner, he’s ventured into a few other fields. (He has his own marijuana strand btw.) So when I got on […]

Houston stripper, Jhonni Blaze, clears up rumors about Drake’s entourage threatening her after they allegedly had sex together. Houston PD confirms they launched an investigation but Blaze made it clear that she only filed a report just in case something happened. Listen to the entire interview with The Madd Hatta Morning Show below: Related: EXCLUSIVE: Jhonni […]

Our condolences with our local entertainer Jhonni Blaze for the lost of a loved one.  News reports state that an argument escalated into a deadly shooting outside of a local nightclub early Christmas Day.  Brian Washington, Jhonni Blaze’s boyfriend, was one of two who died during the altercation.  The motive for the shooting is unclear, […]