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Mo’Nique has been at the center of attention these past couple of weeks (after she revealed to the world that she’s been blackballed by Hollywood). Now, whenever I’ve heard the term “BLACKBALLED,” it’s always been a line out of a movie. I’ve never heard people use it in real life! So once I found out Mo’Nique was serious…I looked up the definition to make sure I was understanding the situation correctly.

Here’s what “Blackballed” means…(compliments of UrbanDictionary.Com) LOL:

“To conspire to ruin someones reputation until they become unemployable and people refuse to associate with them.”

Well hot-diggity-dog; Ain’t that some s***! Now, lemme just say…the couple of times I’ve met Mo’Nique, she’s been nothing short of delightful! Mo is extremely polite and acknowledges everyone in the room, unlike a lot of other celebrities. It’s hard to see how Director & Producer Lee Daniels would say just the opposite of what I witnessed of Mo’s character.

Watch Mo’Nique explain where she thinks these accusations derived from PLUS the one thing she’s doing in hopes that Gays & Lesbians can live their lives freely:

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