The conversation on wearing bonnets in public is appropriate continues, this time with Mo'Nique calling out a woman's attire in general.

Comedian Mo'Nique has a lot to say about Black women wearing bonnets and slippers in public after a recent trip to Atlanta airport.

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Mo'Nique has been given the green light to do battle on that hill. A judge has allowed the Oscar-winning actress and comedienne to proceed with her discrimination lawsuit against Netflix.

Mo'Nique "Crazy In Love" intro at the 2004 BET awards goes down in history as the best moment ever.

It’s been a minute since Mo’Nique opened herself up to all kinds of criticism when she tried to get people to boycott Netflix for not ponying up enough paper to get her to do a stand-up special. Now that she’s officially taken legal action against the entertainment streaming company alleging gender discrimination, things are about […]

For the past year and change, Mo’Nique has accused Netflix of discriminating against her. Now, she’s headed to court. Per TMZ, the Oscar-winning actress and comedian is suing the streaming giant on grounds of race-based discrimination in regards to how they negotiated a comedy special with her. The star alleges Netflix offered Amy Schumer $11 million (she wound up getting […]

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If you think that Mo’Nique holds a grudge of sorts with Oprah Winfrey because of what went down with Precious, you’re mistaken.

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Welp! The Oscar winner did not hold back about the talk show host's current struggles, calling it "karma."

Oprah famously interview Michael Jackson at his estate in 1993. They laughed, they smiled, he charmed us with his moonwalk. Fast-forward to today and she’s being slammed for interviewing the alleged survivors of Leaving Neverland. Comedienne Mo’nique particularly had a problem with Oprah’s interview and questioned if she did it for ratings? “Here’s a […]

The Oscar-winning actress stressed that when it comes to hip-hop, there are plenty of opportunities for both of them to succeed.

Shep Smith Keeps It Real Trump is trying to blame Democrats for the government shutdown — even though Republicans are in control of the House, Senate and Trump is in the White House. Bottom line, the shutdown is due to 45’s disgusting lack of leadership, from claiming to want a bipartisan bill, which was presented […]