Former Vice President Joe Biden is launching a new nonprofit foundation promoting equal rights, continuing his efforts for cancer research and preventing violence against women.

It’s no wonder why the Ellen Show has done so well over the years, because it’s host does lots of great things for people. Like Ellen DeGeneres says: It costs absolutely nothing to  ‘Be kind To One Another” and she definitely practices what she preaches, I always say that it’s dope to watch my dreams come true, […]

Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favorite actors to keep up with because I love what he stands for as a person as well. Harris is an extremely talented guy and was one of the funniest characters on “How I Met Your Mother.” It threw people for a loop when he announced his homosexuality, […]

Breaking: Raffi Freedman-Gurspan the first out transgender White House official: Via @MicNews — Chris Riotta (@chrisriotta) August 18, 2015 The Obama administration on…

Mo’Nique has been at the center of attention these past couple of weeks (after she revealed to the world that she’s been blackballed by Hollywood). Now, whenever I’ve heard the term “BLACKBALLED,” it’s always been a line out of a movie. I’ve never heard people use it in real life! So once I found out Mo’Nique […]

I never thought I’d end up smiling at the end of a funeral, BUT that’s exactly what I did during Sam Smith’s new “Lay Me Down” video. It feels good to know that there’s a very successful and talented celebrity speaking up about equal rights. Smith’s not backing down and uses his platform for a […]

I think we all are trying to figure out whether or not that guy who plays Connor on “How To Get Away With Murder” is really gay or not. His name is Jack Falahee and it’s sooooo hard to tell whether he really likes men….or if he’s just playing his part. Falahee recently spoke with […]

Waddup. It’s Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond). I’m a big fan of The-Dream! He may not be the greatest singer, but his music speaks to the soul. He produces and writes all of his own ish; not to mention he’s written some of your favorite songs for artists like Rihanna, Beyonce & Kelly Rowland. Here’s his new […]

Waddup, It’s @WhosYourDiamond. I don’t follow football, but I’m glad the world is slowly starting to accept people for who they are. Watch Michael Sam’s reaction to getting drafted into the NFL here:


Isn’t It Ironic!? Who would’ve thought that gay men would be faced with so much adversity for wanting to man up!? I found it funny as hell that people were criticizing this young African-american couple for being active fathers in their children’s lives. KordaleNKale have built a brand on Facebook and Instagram showing the world […]

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CBSNews.Com is reporting that George Zimmerman’s artwork is for sale on Ebay and it’s current bid is at $100,000. Reports say Zimmerman owes $2.5 Million and only has $144. READ MORE.

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via: Bar owner David Cooley takes a stand for same-sex marriage and bans bachelorette parties at his club. See More