THANK YOU, FRANK OCEAN! This guy is brave for continuing to use his platform to speak out on a very controversial issue in Hip Hop (or the urban world in general). I’ve said countless times that African-Americans seem like the last people to accept the LGBT community. What frustrates me is the fact that we […]

LOL! Kathy Griffin sure does know how to make a statement. No matter how raunchy her jokes are, it’s obvious that she can get serious too! (If you don’t believe me, peep her statement regarding the drama at E!’s Fashion Police below). This is exactly why Kathy Griffin is one of my favorite comedians. There’s […]

Mo’Nique has been at the center of attention these past couple of weeks (after she revealed to the world that she’s been blackballed by Hollywood). Now, whenever I’ve heard the term “BLACKBALLED,” it’s always been a line out of a movie. I’ve never heard people use it in real life! So once I found out Mo’Nique […]

I had to call on the Lord’s name after watching the trailer for Mo’Nique’s new movie “Blackbird,” because it looks soon good! It’s amazing to see a woman who has cracked us up for years, broaden her brand by branching out into the acting world…and making some amazing choices while doing that! This Oscar award […]

I don’t think Fox’s Empire is as great as my instagram timeline was pumping it up to be, but I will be staying tuned to see how the story progresses. One thing I did admire about the show is the reality of how homosexuality is viewed in hip hop and the urban community. It’s going […]

Hip-Hop has had a storied relationship with homo-xuality, but it looks like the tide has finally changed. Over the last few months, noted figures in the game like Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar have come out in support of same-s-x marriage, but it wasn’t until singer/songwriter/producer Frank Ocean declared that he goes both ways, that the culture will  finally have to […]

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In an exclusive interview with, Game talks candidly about hip-hop artists who are in the closet. Even though Game is a proud heterosexual, he supports gays and wishes closeted rappers would come on out. Was Game surprised about legendary DJ Mister Cee being caught with a tranny prostitute? Why does he think gays run the […]

Earlier this week, Aaron Pace was denied the ability to donate blood in Indiana on account of the fact that he looked like a homosexual.  Apparently, after he entered the blood bank and went through the interviewing process to be a blood donor, he was rejected as a candidate because his looks and manurisms were deemed “gay […] Bossip is reporting Bishop Eddie Long will step down from the pulpit following services this upcoming Sunday. Bishop Eddie Long’s problems are continuing to mount (pun intended)! While so far the number of plaintiffs who’ve filed civil complaints against New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and it’s leader currently stands at three, BOSSIP sources tell […]