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Did you know that a new government study estimates that nearly 80 percent of adult Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week? And 84 percent of Americans have not and absolutely will not join a gym.

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Well if you are amongst the folks who are having a hard time getting to the gym or are anti-gym, then why don’t you just stay home then! Seriously. Sweating at home is the new gym membership, so skip your workouts no more with these new and super RAD exercise products.

Flex With TRX

Allow me to introduce you to my new workout partner: gravity. Suspension training is the  best thing since sliced bread and both fitness fanatics and fitness newbies everywhere are so in love.

So what is the hype all about? Well unlike a resistance band (which many initially confuse the TRX straps for) the resistance is not in the TRX. Instead, the straps serve as anchors for your body to move using its own resistance. Instantly traditional exercises such as squats, lunges, pushups and crunches become more challenging and your core and balance are always being challenged.

Don’t worry you wont be lost and confused at your crib once you anchor the TRX system to your door. The fully comprehensive library of DVDs and online resources ensures proper exercise safety and instruction, so don’t fret, via a screen you will be all set.

I have been having a blast flexing my muscles in ways that only the TRX system can provide and I am 100 percent convinced that gravity will be your new favorite workout partner too. TRX is perfect for anyone at any fitness level, and just like that winter coat every kid has–this system is something that not only fits well from the beginning, but is also designed to be something you can grow into. So come on lady, bring on a new challenge with TRX today!


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