For the very last conversation on Access Houston, we are talking health, wellness, and fitness. We have the owner of Built Different Training Company, Kendall Robinson, the owner of Ascent Consultants, Matt Beckmann, and founder of Empower Fitness Lab, Alicia Tillman. This group of good energy talks about the misconceptions of working out, the mind, […]

This segment of Access Houston is with the Tox Doc, Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry. Dr. Noreen gives us some health and detox tips for 2019, the truth about alkaline water, and the Health Fest Houston and Mad Hatter’s Luncheon. Thank you for listening!

Port City Chapter of The Links, Incorporated presents the 13th Annual Health, Education, Science Fair and Carnival on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 10:00 am to 1:30 pm – Sunnyside Park | 3502 Bellfort St., Houston, Texas 77051. Join in for South Central Sportz baseball team parade and opening day. This community event is free […]

J-Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Physical fitness without mental fitness is a waste of energy on a broken product. Manage stress, stay vital.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Starving yourself is as bad as over eating. It deprives you of crucial nutrients. There is no shortcut to thin.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Have some tea! Green tea has been shown to help muscles recover from workouts faster.

All the reasons masturbation is good for you and it has nothing to do with sex. It’s certified AMA tick of approval.. the art of masturbating increases blood flow, flushes your body with endorphins, alleviates stress, boosts your self-confidence and keeps you “in tune” with your body and your sexuality. When do you do it? […]

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Learn proper technique. Without it, you are minimizing your results and may even injure yourself.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Listen to your body! Pain after a \workout could be a sign that something is awry and that you should see a Dr.


Two people in Florida were greeted with a disgusting surprise when they were ready to eat a Organic Marketside Spring Mix salad and… found a dead bat. Even worse, they discovered the deceased mammal after already taking a bite of their salad. The food was purchased from Walmart and now there has been a regional recall of […]

During Trey Songz latest stop in Houston, he hit the #20PullUpChallenge with “Radio Boss” Kiotti. In full disclosure, he was a substitute for MHMS member J Mac. But Trey Songz was a great sport & DJ J Que was a hilarious fill in! Be sure you catch a copy of “Tremaine”, Trey’s latest album. He’ll […]