Well most of the time I’m doing your workout because I can and to save you the embarrassment from looking like some of these people in this video.  Check out below some of the worst and funnies workout fails.  

Check out Comedian and Actor, Kevin Hart’s crazy training Regiment.  He is a man who practices what he preaches.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Try mixing in yoga to your workout routine to improve strength, flexibility and balance.  It also helps tone.

JMac’s Hip Hop Health Tip : Starving yourself is as bad as over eating. It deprives you of crucial nutrients. There is no shortcut to thin!

Check out this top 6 list of annoying people at the gym I got from youtuber, LandonProduction. 1.   The Grunter – people that make ridiculously loud grunts. 2.  The Inventor – a person who goes to the gym and invents new ways to work out. 3.  The Groupies – A group of homeboys that just hang […]

The British style magazine, The Love Magazine is at it again with their annual Advent Calendar photo/video shoot for the 2016 Christmas. @THELOVEMAGAZINE #LoveAdvent They have model Chrissy Teigen as their Advent day 16 where she is showing everyone her fun personality in an 80’s- Themed workout shoot. During this exercise shoot, Chrissy is wearing […]

Rick Ross is in the gym looking like the young Mike Tyson.


Had a fun time working out with my folks at Mean Green Training Facility this past week.  We talked to CW39 about our tops workout songs! Check it out!

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#JJsMeanGreen21 Day Challenge began today!!  It’s not too late to sign up!! Just DM @thereal_meangreen! You get a workout, meal plan, and motivation!!! If you are already in…make sure to post either your workout or your meals everyday so we know you are staying on track! Tag me too! We can do this!!! #Day2

Joe Budden is in California enjoying a break from New York's cold weather, but he did what any New Yorker would do in his situation.

Read if you don’t want to put THIS years' health goals on NEXT years' resolution list…again.