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Are your favorite days after Fridays “cheat days?” Then you are going to love this advice I’ve recently hunted down from Dr. Susie Rockway, a veteran nutritional and biochemical expert in the U.S. health industry says that “cheat days” can actually do your body good. So stop beating yourself up for not being able to stick to your low-calorie diet every single day, and lose weight the “real” way.

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Why cheat days work?

“Recent studies show you can lose 10 to 30 pounds in eight weeks through alternate-day fasting,” says Rockway. “Every other day, dieters in the study ate only lunch – no breakfast or dinner – between noon and 2 p.m. The following day, they could eat whatever they wanted. Not only did they not ‘gorge’ as expected on the feed days, most had an easier time sticking with it.” Lunch on fast days was 400 to 500 calories for women and 500 to 600 calories for men.

Now don’t get it twisted, I am not suggesting you skip out on your Monday night takeout…however what I am saying is, give yourself a break sometimes. When you eat what you want every now and then eating healthy no longer feels like a bore and you can better figure things out before you pig out. Simply put: Don’t deprive and you will thrive. I am living proof of this, so here’s how to live a real life on a so called “diet.”

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