Ezekiel Elliott is currently appealing the NFL’s ruling of his six-game suspension for an alleged domestic abuse case against his ex-girlfriend. Further details are being given during his appealing hearing and now we are finding out that the accuser Tiffany Thompson had a sexual relationship with Elliott’s former teammate Lucky Whitehead. Whitehead who was released […]

Amber Rose believes all men cheat! Recently, Wiz Khalifa‘s ex and baby’s mama was interviewed on The Doctors and they were discussing the Ashley Madison leak. When the topic came up about the leak Amber was pretty up front about her feelings: “I feel like every man cheats, that’s just me. I do, I’m sorry. […]

Last month, during the Nov. 27th Lions vs. Bears game a man named Lye took notice to the lady who was sitting in front of him and all of the extra activity that she was doing on her phone. Lye claims that he noticed throughout the entire game that this 8 month pregnant lady was […]

This morning we asked if you cheated would you tell your spouse/bf/gf.  We had people who said yes, and people who said no.  Take our poll and let us know what you think.

What would you do if you caught your Mom or Dad cheating?  Would you tell the other parent?  Should you tell?  We received some WILD calls this morning on the topic…take a listen.

This morning we asked you if you would tell your friend if you saw their significant other cheating.  We got some crazy stories and opinions.  Below are a few of the best calls from today…(cheaters beware) Red said, “It Aint his Fault” Yes, we went there!  Enjoy this throwback!  It aint my FAULT!!

Are your favorite days after Fridays “cheat days?” Then you are going to love this advice I’ve recently hunted down from Dr. Susie Rockway, a…