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   Wait what? TMZ cameras caught up with Wyclef as he decided to brandish a guitar, that was shaped like an AK 47, for no…

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Multi-talented musician Wyclef Jean decided to celebrate his 43rd birthday in peculiar fashion. The longtime motorcycle enthusiast tweeted a picture of himself straddling a Ducati…

In an interview with, Wyclef Jean revisited his failed 2010 Presidential campaign in his homeland of Haiti. Of the situation, the musician states, ” You basically can keep singing and keep dancing, keep producing the records and making peoples hips shake around. But when it comes to this policy and legislation we don’t want you dealing […]

The week-long trial of business mogul and accused drug kingpin James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond has not gone favorably for the former manager of clients including Game,Mike Tyson, Gucci Mane and others. With exclusive in-court coverage from AllHipHop, several witnesses have come forward against Rosemond, including his alleged coke connect in Los Angeles. The biggest bombshell, however, was Rosemond’s admittance that he […]

  Wyclef Jean cries out for Trayvon Martin and “every 17-year-old around the entire globe” in the video for “Justice (If You’re 17),” released in response to the tragic slaying of the Florida teen. SEE VIDEO TERRIBLE NEWS. Legendary musician Wyclef Jean was SHOT just an hour before voting in the Haiti election began. According to reports, a group of masked gunman approached Clef and tried to MURDER HIM> Luckily he managed to escape with only a bullet wound to the hand. See the below pic, dude looks like […]


One of my all time favorite moments is having Wyclef sing “911” live in the studio with his guitar!! Good times!


Wyclef Jean Talks to Madd Hatta Morning Show about Haiti


Haitian born Wyclef Jean said in a press conference on Monday that the country's capital of Port-Au-Prince needs to be evacuated. Wyclef says the capital is a "morgue", which he witnessed first hand during his visit to Haiti.


Wyclef Jean was desperately looking for Jean “Jimmy O” Jimmy Alexandre, but sadly the Haitian rapper was slain in the massive 7.0 earthquake that has devastated Haiti.


Rapper and Haiti's "unofficial Ambassador" Wyclef Jean has already obtained more than $1 million dollars in donations for HAITI relief.