Qui West

Wasup!! its your homie Qui West partying with you MON-FRI from 7p-12a ..sooooo .wooow where to begin??!! Im the type of person comfortable in all arenas of life, not too urban and not too pop but a fine balance of both worlds! Radio as truly been an amazing experience! I was born and raised in the San Francisco/Bay Area, CA yaaaay arrrreaa! lol...I began my radio journey at 19 years old in 2006 as an intern for kyld Wild 94.9, where I learned the value of listener interaction , while at the same time was able to develop a personality of my own going out to ALL events in the Bay, working for only college credit, it felt like I literally lived at the station, working 3 shifts a day, and at times putting 40+ hour weeks unpaid, Its safe to say I really truly loved the streets lol...In 2007 was named Bay Area S.T.A.R. Clear Channel Intern of the Year. In 2008, after graduating college, was given my first official job as CC Public Affairs Host and Producer also was the board op for all company stations in the market, BUT! To be honest my desire from day one was always to be on the station I grew up listening to as a kid! Forutnately, in 2009 was finally given that great opportunity as a weekend on air personality for kyld, the youngest personality in market 4 at the time, and well now in 2010 only 4 years later, im truly blessed to be rockin the nightshift Mon-Friday 7p-12a at the legendary 97.9 The Box in this incredicble city of Houston! Hit me up anytime! My show is your show!! thank you to everyone whos loved and supported me throughout this awesome adventure...trust me its only the beginning! = p