The Houston Texans football team has released the backup quarterback Ryan Mallett from the squad. Mallett was late to meetings this past Saturday and also…

The Houston Texans football team has released the backup quarterback Ryan Mallett from the squad. Mallett was late to meetings this past Saturday and also missed the team’s flight to Florida on Sunday. After missing his flight and flying alone separately to the game against the Dolphins, he wasn’t allowed to play. According to ESPN, […]

  A hard loss to swallow against the Falcons, but will the Texans re-gain their confidence? The Texans face their old teammate Andre Johnson in…

Via: Si.com Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien has officially named Ryan Mallett as the starting quarterback, the team announced Thursday during a press conference at NRG Stadium. Brian Hoyer started the Texans’ season opener against the Chiefs and was relieved by Mallett. With only six minutes left in the game, Mallett finished 8 for 13 and […]

Yesterday  the Texans lost to the Chiefs 27 to 20 .  Which brought us to our DAP, Dumb Ass Poll of the day.  Should the Texans Switch Quarterbacks.  Let us know by voting on our poll below!

Do you think the Texans pick up Ray Rice?  I personally think know because if they pick him up the Texans Season would turn into a media circus and he hasn’t been that productive since he was let go from the Ravens. Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Let us know […]

SAY IT AIN’T SO…. No more Andre Johnson?   The wide receiver has given the Texans 12 incredible seasons but it seems Andre’s stay in Houston is done. We hear the team probably wanted Dre to take less money and have a diminished roll on the team. Johnson, it is believed, asked to either be […]

JJ Watt has had a hell of a year!!! He makes you proud to be a Houston Texan fan. Cool, humble, funny & relatable. He’s one of the few players who got a HUGE contract, and he deserves every penny!!! Congrats on being the Pro Bowl Defensive MVP of the game! Check out his interview […]

The Houston Texans QB had a good game on Sunday. Fitzpatrick threw for 358 yards and six touchdowns for a 45-21 win over the Tennessee Titans. During Fitzpatrick’s post game interview he brought out his sons and their friend. After introducing them, Fitzpatrick puts his one son “on the spot” as he tells Brady so that […]

There’s been talk that Houston Texans defensive lineman, J.J. Watt, is probably well on his way to receiving the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year. Plus to further along that possibility, in week 6’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, Watt returned a fumble 45 yards for a touchdown, giving him his third of the season. […]

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  Mc Nair ain’t takin no mess! In an interview with CNBC the Houston Texans Owner- Bob McNair shared his thoughts on the culture of NFL and discussed the BIG NO NO on his team. His ideals are NON-NEGOTIABLE… Well, I’d hate to upset this guy. Check out his ruling at CNBC.com:

  God bless the Texans to keep bringing home the win! Errbody zoomed up to Sonic for their free slush in celebration of the Texans  beating the Washington Football Team last week. Did you get one? Via htccheer1 channel YouTube: So after a BIG win by the #TEXANS… the HTCs celebrate by hitting that Shmoney […]