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On Monday, the NFL decided to review their concussion protocol after the Texans quarterback was allowed to return close to 5-minutes after suffering a hard hit that left him with stiffened hands, twitching and shaking.
During a conference call the NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said that they were opening an investigation with the NFLPA to look into their current conclusion rules.

“That work started yesterday afternoon and continued into this morning, but I think we’ll withhold further comments until we’ve had a chance to conduct the review,” Lockhart said.
“We believe very strongly that the protocol is an important part of our overall effort on protecting our players health and safety. But we do understand that it is our obligation to look at where the protocol may not have been followed, and just as importantly to see where the protocol can be improved. That’s an ongoing effort.”
These statements are in regards to Savage’s conclusion evaluation that took place under the medical tent and allowing him to return soon after for two more plays. The next drive, Savage showed clear signs relating to a concussion and was stopped before he could head back onto the field.
Earlier today, Savage retweeted, quoting a tweet about Bill O’Brien’s comments saying, “With benefit of the video, I never would have allowed the player back in the game and I don’t think [trainer] Geoff Kaplan would have let Tom back in the game” and adding his own words saying, “I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers, I’m doing fine. Even though I cannot speak to the media due to the protocol I will say this, nobody cares more about his players than OB (O’Brien).”
Today, O’Brien also said, “I figured he got hit, didn’t know he got hit, very difficult from where I’m standing to even see he got it. There’s no video on the sideline.”
He continued with saying, At no point in the time in my coaching career, in my 25 years of coaching… is there anything more important to me than the safety of our players.”
“I love our players and I care about them and I cannot stand when players get injured.”
In 2015, the NFL reached an agreed settlement dollar amount of one- billion dollars… to resolve the thousands of lawsuits by former players who suffered head trauma, neurological problems.
The fans will have to see what changes the league will make to ensure stricter concussion medical evaluations.