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Wild Card Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans

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Yesterday, the NFL debuted and announced this season’s new “color rush” uniforms for all the NFL teams in the league.

Color rush uniforms have expanded to all teams in 2016. (Via @UniWatch)

The model that was used for the Houston Texans team Mr. #25, Kareem Jackson and the Texans’ uniforms are DOPE!.
It’s unfortunate that there is one hitch to our new color rush uniforms… we can’t use them this season.

The Texans will not be wearing  uniforms in New England on . The team will wear all white.

Explanation regarding  uniforms for the :

And with a statement, here is the explanation to why the Houston Texans cannot wear their color rush uniforms this year.

“We selected an all blue color rush uniform, but as the road team, we had to switch to all white since the Patriots will be in blue. The hope and expectation will be for the team to wear the uniform next season.”