The Center for Disease Control recently released its latest version of a report that measures the number of STD or STI cases in different US cities. The list analyzes STI cases for every 100,000 people, along with the number of cases of specific illnesses like chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV.‘s research team dove into […]

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is Sunday, Feb 7. Do you know your status?

When she was first diagnosed with HIV, Vuyiseka Dubula was just an impoverished, 22-year-old Black woman living in a Cape Town township who couldn't afford her own medication. Now she's one of Africa's most fearless warriors in the fight against HIV. Here's her story.

    I saw the story break earlier about condoms that could tell you about STDs. That’s when it hit me. Do I really care about what they have? In theory, the condom should protect me from the STD. And it won’t tell you until AFTER you make contact, so it’s too late by then… […]

Indiana state health officials confirmed the recent HIV epidemic in Scott County is worsening, the New York Times reports. With reports of up to 130 cases…

According to Eben Gregory it is getting even uglier for NBA mega star Dwayne Wade as his ex-wife is bringing the fire to the Miami…


Nearly 40 people were arrested in connection to a counterfeiting ring in China accused of producing millions of fake condoms with brand-names familiar to many Americans, including Durex. Police confiscated over 4.6 million packaged counterfeit condoms and another 1,100 pounds of unpackaged materials at the production facility in China’s Fuijian province. Dozens of workers were […]

From Better protect yourselves! The CDC (Center For Disease Control) has released the names of the top 15 cities with the worst herpes rates. According to the CDC, the top 5 cities have as high as a 40% infection rate for sexually active young people. 15. Norfolk 14. Birmingham 13. Detroit 12. Memphis 11. […]

Florence Henderson, also known as Mrs. Brady of the hit TV sitcom The Brady Bunch reveals in her new book that she had a one-night-stand and unprotected sex with a Mayor while she was married. This fool gave her crabs!!

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is giving out a million free condoms, and the recipients are between the ages of 11 and 19 years old! You may be asking yourself, why are they handing out condoms to children and where are their parents? Well, according to the latest statistics from the PDOH, Philadelphia has […]

The investigation was called the U.S. Public Health Service Sexually Transmitted Disease Inoculation Study of 1946-1948. During these vile experiments, the United States purposely infected people in Guatemala with sexually transmitted diseases. Today the Unites States is issuing an apology for these heinous operations that were done over 60 years ago. In a statement by […]

With the United States breaking the 250 million mark with diagnosed STD's, it is important to be cautious what you are doing and who you are doing it with.