The 5-track EP from the LVRN signee features EST Gee and the singles "Don't Do It," "77004" and "Not Gang."

It's the "hit" for me as Chase B, OMB Bloodbath and KenTheMan take over a massive house party in their latest video.

The biggest! OMB Bloodbath breaks down her new partnership with 10:22 PM / LVRN / Interscope and more.

Watch the new video from Interscope's latest signee, OMB Bloodbath

You’ve heard the “Down South” 2019 remix with Mista Madd, KenTheMan, Lebra Jolie, and OMB Bloodbath but have you seen the wild pool party inspired video? No, okay we gotta break this down for you because it is seriously too hot to handle. Somehow, Mista Madd convinced Slim Thug to hold a pool party at his house — only […]

OMB Bloodbath feels like she’s going all over the place. Cali, label offices and more, everybody wants a piece of the Third Ward rapper but on her latest quick track, she’s still Tre until the death — and a free agent on her own terms. “I don’t need no label, I’m signed to me / You […]

“I’m not one of those rappers that’s purely influenced by rappers; I’m influenced by singers too,” OMB Bloodbath once said. “I’m more about telling a story. But you gotta know the difference between rapping club music and telling a lie.” Four years ago, she started making noise in the Houston underground scene with a string of […]