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Mista Madd Down South Remix

Source: Orbit Did It / Mista Madd

You’ve heard the “Down South” 2019 remix with Mista MaddKenTheManLebra Jolie, and OMB Bloodbath but have you seen the wild pool party inspired video? No, okay we gotta break this down for you because it is seriously too hot to handle.

Somehow, Mista Madd convinced Slim Thug to hold a pool party at his house — only for Slim to realize that Mista Madd is holding the biggest pool party in the city and Slim isn’t even there. Heck, even Yungstar, one of the original stars of the original “Down South” pulled up. Slim had to be siiiiiick.

Then, we get three fire verses from KenTheMan, Lebra and Bloodbath surrounded by baddies and even snakes. You get three of H-Town’s hottest rappers go bar for bar talking their own brand of sh*t for the world to enjoy and take in. Watch the full video below!

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