Texas Democratic State Representative Jessica Farrar filed House Bill 4260 that would fine any man for masturbating outside of a female’s vagina or a hospital. The bill would fine $100 civil penalty for “masturbatory emissions” and require men to receive counseling before they get a Viagra prescription in the effort to highlight anti-abortion laws that […]

In the Victorian era, doctors would use orgasms to help women with hysteria.


The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:  Is masturbation good for you? While getting on the topic of getting off can elicit sophomoric humor, let’s be frank for a second: whether in the shower or in the sack, the act of self pleasure is more than just good fodder for an off-color joke. Masturbation can actually […]


Nearly a week after retired NFL great, Lawrence Taylor, was arrested and charged with third-degree rape of a minor, details are surfacing regarding his defense. Sources have told TMZ that the 51-year-old Taylor plans to use masturbation as his defense. Taylor is expected not to dispute whether he was in the same room as the […]