The Florida rapper's latest viral moment took place at the unlikeliest place — a Florida Panthers hockey game where it was assumed he was having a little x-rated fun.

The teen girl involved in the case initially reported the sexual assault to her high school nurse.

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Kodak Black is trying to pay it forward now that he's a free man, for now. The Florida rapper is launching a new clothing line that he says will help benefit judicial reform.

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Kodak Black thinks he is the reason behind the success of Megan Thee Stallion.

Have you ever wondered if rappers have too much time on their hands? Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty are proving they clearly do. As spotted on HipHopDX the two performers are in the midst of a war of words; or rather social media posts. Apparently the man now known as Bill Kapri felt in a […]

Congratulations to Kodak and Mellow on their engagement. Hopefully Kodak Black and keep his nose clean and stay outta trouble from here on out because we doubt Joe Biden's going to grant him a pardon like Cheeto Jesus did before him.

Aside from the new purchases, the rapper who was known for having a small pot belly a la Rick Ross (Miami life, y'all), has been sporting a new slimmed down figure that prison life no doubt contributed to.

If all a man has is his word, Kodak Black isn't as rich as he thinks he is.

On his final full day in the White House, Donald Trump did what many expected him to do -- offer a slew of pardons and commuted sentences.

Wayne posed for a photo with Trump ahead of the November election while Kodak has placed numerous petitions to Trump in order to secure an early release.

It seems Kodak Black will have to do his time as it was assigned. He was recently was told good luck with that regarding his request to shave his sentence down. As spotted on HipHopDX the Florida native got some bad news regarding his current bid. Last year the rapper had asked that he get an […]