The running joke is that Jay Electronica (with plenty of Jay-Z) dropped an album, A Written Testimony, and the world went to shambles thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. So it sort of makes sense that the New Orleans rapper's mythical Act II: Patents Of Nobility album has hit the Internets in full.

Jay Electronica actually did it. After over a decade of pump fakes, the New Orleans MC dropped his proper debut album, A Written History.

Jay Electronica took leave of his Ayurvedic steam chamber and took to Twitter to announce that his long-awaited debut album is completely done. While many fans have heard an announcement of this fashion before, some listeners are hopeful that the New Orleans lyricist will produce the body of work. With no other tweets present in […]

Jay Electronica put his ego aside to apologize for his past transgressions.

Taking a break from beefing with Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent, Jay Electronica's hitting the road.

Kendrick Lamar blessed us with the surprise release of 'untitled unmastered' last night.

The New Orleans rapper usually keeps quiet on social media, but all of that's changed.

As much as we’re still awaiting Jay Electronica‘s debut album, it’s hard to deny the influence he’s had on music. In this video we see Jay…

Yes, you read that headline right. While you were sleeping, an unheard Jay Electronica track surfaced on the Internet. Titled “Holladay,” the cut features Jay…

While fans anxiously await Jay Electronica’s highly-anticipated debut album, he’s managing to keep them on their toes through his words. The Roc Nation signee was…