Radio One Exclusives

Who doesn't love a good costume? It's always fun to see artists get creative with their seasonal looks!

We know Ciara holds the crown for twerking, but Tabria definitely gave the dance queen a run for her money.

Radio One Exclusives

It's spooky season - which means your favorite streaming services are stocked full of scary movies for your next date night.

Just in time for spooky season, we put together a roundup of 15 Black actresses that had us biting our nails as the leads in a handful of unforgettable scary movies.

With "issa pandemic" on outside, celebrities managed to one-up themselves with their Halloween outfits for 2020.

On Thursday (Oct 29), Saweetie took to Instagram to share a picture of who she chose to be this year for Halloween and fans can't get enough. Using the caption from the group's hit single, "Bootylicious", Saweetie revealed the looks by duplicating the cover iconic cover for the single.

Halloween may look different this year but these celebs are still in the spirit with their 2020 Halloween costumes.

Is it me or did Halloween feel like it lasted two whole weeks!? From weekend parties to actual parties on Halloween, celebs couldn’t help themselves but do the absolute MOST for Halloween in 2019. So we have to settle this – who had the hottest Halloween costume of 2019? Deandre Hopkins of the Houston Texans took […]

Our next conversation is with Robert D. Jackson is the CEO of TORCH, a fiscally sponsored organization aiming to cultivate a generation of creators through arts entrepreneurship. TORCH Presents: BABA & ME: 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF BABA’S DEATH in honor of Robert Dean Jackson who lost his life to gun violence in southeast Houston on January […]

So, candy corn, right? Easily the most discussed candy during Halloween season only because of how hated it is. Well, how hated is candy corn? Candy corn is so hated that according to, it is considered the WORST of the Halloween candies. Last year’s number one, circus peanuts was actually number two this year. The […]

Who won the best Halloween award this year? Was it Diddy dressed up as a clown “after” his Ellen appearance? Was it Deandre Hopkins dressed as “The Avatar”? Nope. My award for best costume goes to YG! His MJ costume & dance moves had me CRYING!!! LOL! Enjoy. Part 1   Part 2 […]